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December 15, 2017


  • Keynote speaker announced for PWH Leadership Summit
  • Tips for Greater Success

  • Give Authority... and Be Surprised!
  • Government News

  • FCC repeals net neutrality rules, potentially affecting telemedicine
  • CHIP not included in U.S. government funding bill
  • Hospital and IDN News

  • Advocate Good Shepherd completes $247M renovation, expansion project
  • Carolinas HealthCare announces $971M in projects for 2018
  • Penn Medicine announces progress, details of new $1.5B patient tower
  • News of the Weird

  • Fake snowball fight canceled because of real snow
  • Montana Man Elected To Job He Didn't Run For
  • Stock Watch

  • Health Stocks
  • Sponsored
    Keynote speaker announced for PWH Leadership Summit
    Professional Women in Healthcare (PWH) (Alexandria, VA) announced Valorie Burton as a keynote speaker for the 2018 PWH Leadership Summit. Today's healthcare market requires the ability to adapt to change, reinvent, and thrive despite the challenges that occur. Valorie Burton will help you understand how to create the building blocks of resilience and equip you with a survival toolkit to face any challenge that comes your way! Valorie is a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. She is the founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has served as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to hundreds of clients.
    Join women and men in the industry for 2 days solely focused on leadership development. From aspiring leaders to executive management, discover new skills that will enable you to lead the way and inspire your team. The summit will be held in Minneapolis, MN at The Renaissance Depot, June 11-13, 2018. This is open to men and women (members and non-members). For a summit schedule, more information and to register, click here.
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    Tips for Greater Success
    Give Authority... and Be Surprised!
    In this week’s Tips for Greater Success, Dan Nielsen, founder of and, writes, "Lately we’ve been discussing how to empower those you lead. One of the most important keys to empowering those you lead is to give them appropriate authority. This is the area most people think of when they hear the word empower, and it is a vital component of inspirational leadership...
    "None of us start out as experienced, senior leaders. Each of us has to start at the bottom and work our way up, gaining greater ability and authority as we go. But somewhere along the way, someone does recognize our ability and grant us that authority, enabling and empowering us to further innovate, experiment, make decisions, and achieve greater results.
    "Inspirational leaders recognize the critical importance of giving that kind of authority to those they lead, empowering them to achieve greater success—personally, professionally, and organizationally..."
    Click here to continue reading this week's Tips.
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    Government News
    FCC repeals net neutrality rules, potentially affecting telemedicine
    The FCC voted 3-2 Thursday to repeal net neutrality rules, ending regulations that prohibited internet providers from blocking or slowing specific web content. Critics of the changes say that consumers will have more difficulty accessing content online and that start-ups will have to pay to reach consumers. In the past week, there have been hundreds of protests across the country, and many websites have encouraged users to speak up against the repeal. Whereas all internet traffic previously shared the same "lane," it can now be split among different lanes with different speeds. Those differing speeds could hurt telemedicine since it requires a "pretty robust connection," said Mei Kwong, interim executive director and policy adviser for the Center for Connected Health Policy. "The last thing you want is for the interaction to suddenly freeze or the audio to go out or for the picture to be pixelated." While it is possible that the FCC could make exceptions for healthcare so it's not subject to the same rules, the agency has not provided any indication it would do so. Additionally, Kwong and others said, that might still leave patients to fend for themselves. "What do you do then for the individual who's at home and trying to get services at home?" Kwong asked. Click here to read the full story.
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    CHIP not included in U.S. government funding bill
    Funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was not included in a stopgap resolution that keeps the U.S. government funded until December 22, 2017. CHIP provides health insurance coverage for around nine million children whose families have too much income to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford the cost of insurance. It is increasingly used by families whose employer-provided insurance is too expensive. The bill, HR 123, was passed in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate on December 7 and signed by President Donald Trump on December 8. The law asks the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to reallocate funds to those states most in need without specifying which states should receive funding, according to multiple published reports. Sixteen states will run out of federal funding for CHIP by the end of January, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Three-quarters of all states expect to exhaust funds by the end of March 2018 unless Congress agrees to fund it.
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    Hospital and IDN News
    Advocate Good Shepherd completes $247M renovation, expansion project
    Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital (Barrington, IL) yesterday completed its $247 million renovation and expansion project. The project added four new inpatient units, an 18-bed ICU, and three medical surgical suites. The hospital also privatized all of its inpatient rooms and renovated areas throughout the hospital to increase capacity. In total, the project added 230,000-square-feet to the existing facility and renovated another 150,000-square-feet.
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    Carolinas HealthCare announces $971M in projects for 2018
    Carolinas HealthCare System (Charlotte, NC) has planned $971 million in capital expenditures across its footprint in 2018. The plans include a $130 million investment in the Levine Cancer Institute, $115 million tied to modernization of Carolinas HealthCare NorthEast, as well as expansion of its freestanding emergency department in Steele Creek and adding an urgent care center. Additional funds will be used for medical equipment upgrades and replacing core systems as well as projects in other markets. The system’s board of commissioners approved its budget for the upcoming year on Tuesday, projecting continued growth across the organization.
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    Penn Medicine announces progress, details of new $1.5B patient tower
    The University of Pennsylvania Health System's $1.5B new patient pavilion is 8% complete as of Wednesday. The 17-story facility will be 1.5M square feet – substantially larger than the plan presented to the Civic Design Review in 2016. The building will include 500 patient rooms and 47 operating rooms. The building will also include a 60-bed emergency department and five levels of below-grade parking, containing 700 spaces. The pavilion is scheduled to be completed in 2021.
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    News of the Weird
    Fake snowball fight canceled because of real snow
    When you don't live in a place that regularly gets snow, you improvise. A Six Flags amusement park in Austell, Georgia, had planned to hold a massive snowball fight this past weekend for as many as a thousand people. But since it rarely snows in Georgia, the park planned to use fake snow. Mother Nature had other plans. Actual snow started falling – and kept falling. The area got so much snow that the Six Flags park had to close down and ironically cancel the planned epic snowball fight.
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    Montana Man Elected To Job He Didn't Run For
    Richard Klose from Laurel, Montana, got a surprise phone call this week. He had been elected to the city council, even though he didn't run. It wasn't a scam. Nobody else ran for the position, either... some people just wrote in his name. Klose got a staggering 3 write-in votes out of the 52 votes cast. He told the local news that, since he's retired, he may as well give back to the community. He'll be sworn in on January 2.
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    Stock Watch
    Health Stocks

    Quotes last updated at 12/15/2017 10:09:59 AM EST

    MMM3M COMPANY238.27+0.19Analyze
    ABTABBOTT LABS55.15+0.42Analyze
    ABBVABBVIE INC97.32+1.02Analyze
    ALRALERE INC50.990.00Analyze
    BAXBAXTER INTL INC64.98+0.20Analyze
    BDXBECTON DICKINSON220.10+1.33Analyze
    BSXBOSTON SCIENTIFIC25.80+0.17Analyze
    BVXBOVIE MEDICAL CORP2.99+0.02Analyze
    BMYBRISTOL MYERS SQ62.63+0.50Analyze
    CMDCANTEL MEDICAL99.45+1.32Analyze
    CAHCARDINAL HEALTH62.77+2.42Analyze
    CPHDCEPHEID0.0000 Analyze
    CERNCERNER CORP69.13+0.56Analyze
    CNMDCONMED CORP50.20+0.23Analyze
    BCRCR BARD INC332.94+0.84Analyze
    DYIIDYNACQ HEALTHCARE0.04500.0000Analyze
    ESRXEXPRESS SCRIPTS71.30+2.28Analyze
    HSTMHEALTHSTREAM INC22.48-0.21Analyze
    HSICHENRY SCHEIN70.40+1.71Analyze
    HRCHILL-ROM HOLDINGS INC82.92+1.08Analyze
    HMSYHMS HOLDINGS16.50+0.22Analyze
    HOLXHOLOGIC INC43.19+0.23Analyze
    ICUIICU MEDICAL219.00+2.45Analyze
    JNJJOHNSON & JOHNSON142.26+0.61Analyze
    MASIMASIMO CORP85.80+1.14Analyze
    MCKMCKESSON CORP162.20+5.00Analyze
    MDASMEDASSETS0.0000 Analyze
    MDTMEDTRONIC INC66.68 Analyze
    MDXGMIMEDX GROUP INC12.25+0.11Analyze
    IXICNASDAQ Composite6,887.80+31.27Analyze
    OMIOWENS & MINOR18.98+0.31Analyze
    PINCPREMIER INC29.28+0.17Analyze
    QDELQUIDEL CORP39.52-0.63Analyze
    INXS&P 500 Index2,665.79+13.78Analyze
    SNNSMITH & NEPHEW34.63-0.53Analyze
    SWKSTANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC165.77+0.83Analyze
    STESTERIS CORP71.63-0.16Analyze
    SYKSTRYKER CORP152.71+1.37Analyze
    TFXTELEFLEX MEDICAL251.72+2.37Analyze
    TMOTHERMO FISHER SCI191.79+3.47Analyze
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