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April 28, 2017

Manufacturer News

  • BD advances efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance with enhanced diagnostic solution offering
  • ANA Enterprise to launch new initiative to transform health of Americas nurses
  • Tips for Greater Success

  • Be Authentic
  • Government News

  • Health Law Repeal Will Miss Trump's 100-Day Target Date
  • Hospital and IDN News

  • As closure looms for St. Francis Health, many buyers express interest
  • Brigham and Women's to offer voluntary buyouts to 1,600 workers
  • News of the Weird

  • Dentist in legal trouble for riding hoverboard during tooth extraction
  • Touch new stamp and total solar eclipse becomes the moon
  • Stock Watch

  • Health Stocks
  • Manufacturer News
    BD advances efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance with enhanced diagnostic solution offering
    BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (Franklin Lakes, NJ) announced the global distribution of a complete portfolio of products for mass spectrometry that provides high-speed and high-confidence identification of pathogens in clinical laboratories. Fast and accurate identification of pathogens is often the first step in addressing this issue and with a complete and seamless identification/ antimicrobial susceptibility (ID/AST) solution, BD reinforces its commitment to support hospitals and researchers globally in managing antimicrobial resistance. By directly offering MBT Biotargets and MBT Sepsityper, as well as standard reagents and other products, BD completes a comprehensive mass spectrometry solutions suite. MBT Biotargets are disposable plates that can be run multiple times, reducing waste. MBT Sepsityper, a new sepsis management kit, enables pathogen identification from positive blood cultures, eliminating the time-consuming step of culturing the micro-organisms.
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    ANA Enterprise to launch new initiative to transform health of Americas nurses
    The ANA Enterprise (Silver Spring, MD) on May 1 will launch the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) Grand Challenge, a new initiative designed to transform the health of the nation by improving the health of America’s 3.6 million registered nurses. Sage Products (Cary, IL) (a part of Stryker Medical) is a corporate sponsor of the HNHN Grand Challenge. The HNHN Grand Challenge will connect and engage individual nurses, employers of nurses, state nurses’ associations, and specialty nurses associations to take action to improve their health in five key areas: physical activity, rest, nutrition, quality of life, and safety. The HNHN Grand Challenge will also provide a web platform to inspire action, cultivate friendly competition, provide content and resources to users, gather user data, and serve to connect nurses with each other, and with employers and organizations. There will also be health challenges related to the key areas, such as a quality of life challenge with daily tips to reduce stress, in May, and a safety challenge with tips on safe patient handling and mobility in June. Both individuals and organizational partners can get information and sign up for the HNHN Grand Challenge by visiting
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    Tips for Greater Success
    Be Authentic
    In this week’s Tips for Greater Success, Dan Nielsen, founder of and, writes, "In striving to achieve greater success or to become a better leader, employee, parent, spouse, etc., we often leverage a number of resources. We might read books and articles, seek trusted advice from mentors, or attempt to imitate highly successful people whom we admire. These are all great strategies, but in our pursuit of greater success we must be careful not to lose our authenticity. In our effort to improve ourselves, we might start changing our behaviors to mirror those of a mentor, or try to follow a list of prescribed actions we read in a book. But instead of discovering the magic formula for excellence in a particular area, we can end up looking inauthentic, like we’re trying to be something we’re not. A key element of successful self-development is staying true to yourself and to your unique personality, talents, and strengths. While there are obvious benefits to emulating highly successful people, one must remember there’s no such thing as a prepackaged leadership kit or magic formula; you can’t borrow someone else’s excellence, you have to develop it yourself..." To read the rest of this week's Tips, visit
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    Government News
    Health Law Repeal Will Miss Trump's 100-Day Target Date
    “An 11th-hour White House push to give President Trump a major legislative victory in his first 100 days in office broke down late Thursday as House Republican leaders failed to round up enough votes for their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Some White House officials had hoped for a vote on Friday on a measure to prove that Mr. Trump was making good on his promise to undo the sweeping health law — President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement — in his first 100 days in office. But seesawing commitments and the reservations from numerous lawmakers throughout Thursday laid bare the difficulty that Republican leaders faced in trying to push through a repeal bill. While revisions to their bill won over conservative hard-liners in the Freedom Caucus this week, those same changes threatened to drive away other members, even some who supported the first version. A senior House aide said late Thursday that there would not be a vote on the health bill this week. ... House Democrats, sensing an advantage, pressured Republicans to once again back away from the bill, just as they did a month ago in an embarrassing defeat for Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan. Democratic leaders threatened to withhold votes from a stopgap spending measure to keep the government open past Friday if Republicans insisted on trying to jam the health care bill through the House on Friday or Saturday, which is Mr. Trump’s 100th day as president. The House Democratic leader, Nancy Pelosi of California, said Mr. Trump was “really making fools of the members of Congress of his own party” by asking them to support a health bill that is unpopular with the public…” To read the full story, visit
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    Hospital and IDN News
    As closure looms for St. Francis Health, many buyers express interest
    St. Francis Health (Topeka, KS) will likely avoid closure this summer as multiple health systems have shown interest in acquiring the facility. Earlier this month, St. Francis’ parent, SCL Health (Denver, CO), said it would cease operating St. Francis Health this summer regardless of whether another owner or operator is found. SCL Health officials say that the financially struggling hospital isn't sustainable in today's healthcare environment. However, Prime Healthcare Foundation (Ontario, CA), the nonprofit arm of Prime Healthcare Services, disclosed its desire to acquire the hospital in April. Yesterday, University of Kansas Health System (Kansas City, KS) indicated it is interested in rescuing St. Francis from closure. KU Health would partner with Ardent Health Services (Nashville, TN) to operate St. Francis. Additionally, Stormont Vail Health (Topeka, KS) is reportedly exploring the feasibility of acquiring the hospital.
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    Brigham and Women's to offer voluntary buyouts to 1,600 workers
    Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston, MA) is offering voluntary buyouts to 1,600 employees. Officials said the hospital is profitable but is facing pressure amid shrinking payments from government and commercial insurers and growing labor costs. Brigham is also dealing with debt from two major infrastructure projects, including a $510 million building that opened in 2016 and a $335 million software system that rolled out in 2015. Although the buyouts are voluntary, The Boston Globe reports that hospital officials said layoffs could come later this year depending on how many employees accept the buyout offer. About 5,300 employees — including physicians, faculty, and research staff — will be excluded from the offer, according to the report. Approximately 475 unionized workers are eligible for the buyout, but Brigham officials said it must get approval from the unions before offering members the deal.
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    News of the Weird
    Dentist in legal trouble for riding hoverboard during tooth extraction
    Alaskan dentist Seth Lookhart is being prosecuted on 17 counts of fraud and "unlawful dental acts." Court papers filed last week allege that in or around July 2016, Lookhart "performed a dental extraction procedure on a sedated patient while riding a hoverboard and filmed the procedure and distributed the film to persons outside his dental practice." Prosecutors allege that Lookhart texted the footage of his hovering extraction and said it represented "a new standard of care." Prosecutors say that the female patient had no idea that Lookhart was going to preform the procedure while hovering, nor that Lookhart's office manager Shauna Cranford, also allegedly participated in the extraction. Lookhart's attorney didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.
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    Touch new stamp and total solar eclipse becomes the moon
    The U.S. Postal Service is going all out for this summer's total solar eclipse, with a first-of-its kind stamp. Just touch the stamp with your finger, and the heat transforms the image of the blacked-out sun into the moon. Remove your finger, and the eclipse reappears. The trick is using temperature-sensitive ink. There is also a map on the back of the stamp sheet showing the eclipse's diagonal path across the U.S. on August 21, as the moon covers the sun in the sky. It will be the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous U.S. since 1979 and the first one coast to coast since 1918. The Forever 49 cent stamp comes out in June, on the summer solstice.
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    Stock Watch
    Health Stocks

    Quotes last updated at 4/28/2017 9:52:11 AM EST

    MMM3M COMPANY196.30+0.19Analyze
    ABTABBOTT LABS43.69+0.04Analyze
    ABBVABBVIE INC65.99-0.08Analyze
    ALRALERE INC49.09-0.01Analyze
    BAXBAXTER INTL INC55.45+0.03Analyze
    BDXBECTON DICKINSON182.27-0.28Analyze
    BSXBOSTON SCIENTIFIC26.205+0.025Analyze
    BVXBOVIE MEDICAL CORP2.68+0.00Analyze
    BMYBRISTOL MYERS SQ55.9867+0.3167Analyze
    CMNCANTEL MEDICAL81.14+0.00Analyze
    CAHCARDINAL HEALTH73.015-0.125Analyze
    CERNCERNER CORP64.14+4.08Analyze
    CNMDCONMED CORP48.78-0.39Analyze
    BCRCR BARD INC305.90+0.32Analyze
    DYIIDYNACQ HEALTHCARE0.0001+0.0000Analyze
    ESRXEXPRESS SCRIPTS61.1952-0.2048Analyze
    HSTMHEALTHSTREAM INC28.694-0.226Analyze
    HSICHENRY SCHEIN174.245+0.070Analyze
    HRCHILL-ROM HOLDINGS INC77.30+3.46Analyze
    HMSYHMS HOLDINGS20.49+0.04Analyze
    HOLXHOLOGIC INC44.52-0.06Analyze
    ICUIICU MEDICAL153.05+0.10Analyze
    JNJJOHNSON & JOHNSON123.78+0.04Analyze
    MASIMASIMO CORP102.19+0.33Analyze
    MCKMCKESSON CORP138.81+0.02Analyze
    MDTMEDTRONIC INC82.95-0.18Analyze
    MMSIMERIT MEDICAL SYSTEMS33.325+2.125Analyze
    MDXGMIMEDX GROUP INC11.64+0.24Analyze
    MYLMYLAN LABS37.61-0.11Analyze
    ^IXICNASDAQ Composite6061.71+12.77Analyze
    OMIOWENS & MINOR34.76-0.04Analyze
    PINCPREMIER INC33.25-0.12Analyze
    QDELQUIDEL CORP24.10-0.05Analyze
    ^GSPCS&P 500 Index2388.87+0.10Analyze
    SNNSMITH & NEPHEW33.10-0.04Analyze
    SWKSTANLEY BLACK & DECKER INC137.17-0.18Analyze
    STESTERIS CORP74.25+0.38Analyze
    SYKSTRYKER CORP135.62+0.25Analyze
    TFXTELEFLEX MEDICAL205.70-0.76Analyze
    TMOTHERMO FISHER SCI166.22-0.48Analyze
    ZMHZIMMER HOLDINGS113.56+0.00Analyze
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